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Invisible Braces

Smile Like You Have Nothing to Hide

There’s a clear alternative to traditional dental braces that increases your confidence...enhances your lifestyle…and restores your self-image.
With Invisalign the results are noticeable – the treatment isn’t.

Invisalign invisible aligners are the clear alternative to braces. And the cost of Invisalign is comparable – in some cases less – than standard braces procedure.

When the choice is braces or Invisalign – there’s no alternative as
effortless as Invisalign invisible clear braces.

Invisalign invisible braces transform your smile without interfering with your lifestyle.

Clearly Wirefree – located at Dakota Dental – in Apple Valley, Minnesota are recognized leaders in clear orthodontics.

  • Experience with Invisalign invisible braces has earned them Preferred Provider Invisalign status
  • Competitive cost for Invisalign treatment
  • Complimentary consultation
  • Invisalign dental braces are supported by a full range of dental services

So don’t wait a moment longer call us today, at 952-431-5774, to arrange your free consultation with ClearlyWirefree

Invisalign Clear Braces are an alternative to metal braces. Clear orthodontics is a revolutionary braces procedure that straightens teeth without the uncomfortable…noticeable qualities of conventional wire braces.


  • Virtually Invisible – no one will notice your treatment as it improves your smile.
  • Comfortable – smooth edges eliminate gum and cheek irritation.
  • Removable – eat…drink…floss…enjoy special occasions by removing your clear aligner.
  • Effective – smile confidently during treatment.
  • Efficient – 7 to 14 months of average treatment…faster than most treatment with metal braces.
  • Economical – costs comparable to that of most metal braces treatment.



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Dr. Bennett Isabella


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